It may be Fashion Week, but everyone is buzzing—with hopeful anticipation—about the reemergence of New York City’s nightlife. Familiar names like Don Hill’s and subMercer keep popping up. Add to this The Lambs Club and the much-hyped opening of Le Baron, the NYC outpost of the hottest spot in Paris. It reminds us of the city’s after-hours heyday from the mid-60s to early 80s when places like Max’s Kansas City were creative melting pots for art, music and fashion. Back then, artists Andy Warhol and Willem de Kooning could order steak, lobster and chickpeas for a starving-artist-friendly $2.95 and listen to an unknown singer…possibly Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen or later, Madonna. It’s fitting then, that as Max’s celebrates its 45th anniversary, the city itself seems to be embracing that late-night spirit of abandon and celebration.