We’re all aglow in the office today as we unveil our holiday windows, a Lite-Brite reindeer. “Lite-Brite was my favorite game as a child, and the colors perfectly capture the colors of Tory’s holiday and resort collections,” says window designer Zack Dobbins.

Artist Timothy Paul Myers created the reindeer using millions of Lite-Brite pegs. Here, Myers reveals how the reindeer were brought to life.

How many Lite Brite pegs were used?
Hasbro donated 2,025,000 pegs which were just enough to create the 46 reindeer.

What was the work process like?
We had a full production line. It took three weeks and 17 people.

How did it feel to finish?
After 4900 hours of work, the whole team waited around to see the last peg go in. I wish we had some fireworks to celebrate.

Above, our behind the scenes photos to see how the installation came together.