• Saucy Glossie’s Lindsey Calla, wearing Tory’s Liseth top, in front of one of Antigua’s many beautifully carved doors. Photos of Lindsey by Craig Arend.
  • The Church of San Pedro was used as a hospital in the 17th Century.
    Lindsey is in the Cacilia top.
  • The ruins of San Jose Cathedral, damaged by several earthquakes
  • 4a Calle Oriente is the Chelsea of Antigua and a great place to see Latin American art.
  • Casa Popenoe is a restored colonial mansion.
  • Lindsey, on the way to the Finca Filadelfia coffee plantation
  • Authentic Guatemalan restaurant La Fonda de la Calle Real
  • One of the rooms at Panza Verde, where no two rooms are alike.
    Tory’s Tierney backpack.

SaucyGlossie blogger Lindsey Calla recently visited Antigua Guatemala, a UNESCO World Heritage site. She shared her favorites sights, shops and restaurants with us…and showed us how she styled her favorite looks from resort.


  • Volcano Pacaya: “Rent a Vespa and drive up the side of the mountain to get some unrivaled views.”
  • Casa Popenoe: “A restored colonial mansion that’s a peek inside the lives of the 17th Century elite.”
  • San Jose Cathedral: “Don’t let the modern façade fool you. Around the back are the ruins of Antigua’s oldest and largest cathedral. Truly awe-inspiring.”


  • Algodones Mayas: “This store is filled with beautiful cotton textiles that are naturally colored and chemical-free in true, authentic Mayan style.”
  • El Mercado: “For textiles and jewelry you can’t go wrong in the markets on the west side of town.”


  • La Fonda de la Calle Real: “Hands down, some of the best tortillas and queso around.”
  • Casa Santo Domingo: “This favorite of Bill Clinton’s puts a luxury spin on some classics. Try the ‘my tacos,’ a hybrid of taco and eggroll.”
  • Doña Maria Gordillo Dulceria: “An old sweets shop that packages your candy in charming painted boxes. Tell the shop lady your price and let her pick out a yummy selection to sample.”


  • Panza Verde: “Every square inch is beautiful and unique. There are no two rooms alike.”