Thomas Keller

Executive Chef, The French Laundry & Bouchon

The renowned chef shares his favorite garden finds.

“At home in California, I gravitate towards the bumper crop of fruits and vegetables that surround us during the summer season. No place better exemplifies this than our culinary garden in Yountville.”

“As I walk through the rows of carefully tended vegetables, I inevitably end up plucking black cherry tomatoes off the vine that explode with sweetness when I bite into them.”

“I’ll grab a handful of our coveted Albion strawberries and fraises des bois to take home and top off with some whipped cream for a treat. The fraises des bois have a really short season so I enjoy them while I can.”

“I find myself instinctively grabbing a bowl of haricots verts to make a salad that while simple, (I quickly blanch the beans, add some minced shallots and just toss them in a nice light vinaigrette) is what summer is all about to me.”