Photographed by Hanuk in Central Park, NY
7:30 AM
Wake up to kisses and hugs from my daughter, Gloria.
9:00 AM
It's Resort Week in NYC so my schedule is packed. First show of the day: Joseph Altuzarra.
10:00 AM
Off to my next appointment. Carven, here I come!
12:00 PM
Piaget lunch at La Grenouille. I secretly hope my husband gets me a bouquet like the ones here. No place has arrangements like La Grenouille.
2:00 PM
A quick call to my parents back home in Brazil to wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day.
4:00 PM
Appointment with my friend and swimwear designer Amalia Spinardi from Jo de Mer.
6:15 PM
Leaving the office. Manicure before dinner.
7:00 PM
As soon as I walk in the door Gloria hands me a drawing she made. What could be cuter?
8:30 PM
Wearing my Tory Burch Gail dress. A perfect night for outdoor seating and wine at Le Charlot. And my husband brought me a bouquet of peonies!