• “Seeming more like a sunken garden than a ball court, this privet walled grass tennis court is the definition of perfection.”

  • “In Southampton, the double-sided deep herbaceous border nears peak bloom.”

  • “Casual groupings of American boxwood shrubs were positioned to frame the east lawn within a backdrop of flowering dogwood trees.”

  • “A circle-shaped parking court planted in yew and boxwood globes creates a bold entrance to a Georgian brick house in Locust Valley.”

  • “Keeping paving surfaces to a minimum, this comfortable pool setting follows a less is more design intent.”
  • Perry Guillot


Perry Guillot takes a less-is-more approach to landscape and architecture that always results in seriously beautiful gardens and spaces. His minimalist designs can be seen up and down the Northeastern coast and in the pages of W magazine, the New York Times and Architectural Digest. Here, some of Perry’s favorites.