Yves Saint Laurent’s love affair with all things Morocco was legendary. Not only did the designer mine the country for inspiration throughout his career, but he ultimately bought the famous Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech — and carved out another, more peaceful life there, away from the bustle of Paris, with partner Pierre Bergé, Talitha Getty, Loulou de La Falaise and friends.

For an intimate, no-holds-barred look back, see Yves Saint Laurent: Une Passion Marocaine. It gives a front-row vantage point to life chez Saint Laurent. Handwritten by Bergé, the book has all the makings of a cozy diary and scrapbook. Even if you can’t read the text (it’s all in French), the photos tell the story: the designer ambling through a souk, Andy Warhol visiting, lazy afternoons outdoors with Betty Catroux — no posturing here, just unfiltered fun. It’s what makes this book, which also includes sketches and illustrations, such a gem.