Photo by Noa Griffel
Q. Why malachite, why now?
Jewel tones always look right for fall, and this deep shade of green is perfect. There are so many ways of adding this to your look — a super feminine secretary blouse in bottle green or just a pop with a a frame bag, a drop earring or classic pump. Either way, it looks fresh and modern.
Q. How do you wear it?
I’m wearing our Dante dress in this picture, which is in a deep green and navy print. I wore it to a dinner party recently in Marrakech. I paired it with textured black heels and drop earrings. But you could also wear it to work with a cardigan and opaque tights.
Q. What other colors does malachite go with?
It’s a versatile accent against navy, black, gold, camel, purple and winter white…. Green is very flattering. There’s a shade of green for everyone, from emerald, malachite and teal to apple, Kelly or army drab.
Q. Why do you love this color?
It has so many great associations. I think of earthiness, emeralds, sea glass, that beautiful oxidized copper that metal gets outdoors. In some places around the world, it wards off the evil eye.