“Morocco, the gateway to Africa, means different things to different people. The history, architecture, textiles, spices and, most importantly, the people and artisans there have inspired many. I visited Morocco a few years ago, but when an opportunity to return recently came up, I jumped. This was where my parents Buddy and Reva honeymooned, and where they returned often.The Financial Times invited me to its Luxury Summit in Marrakech, and while there, the Tory Burch Foundation team and I took the opportunity to meet with local women entrepreneurs and small business owners. Friends, family and the design team came, too — we kept to a morning-to-night schedule of visiting souks and artisans. A friend once said to always look up when you’re in Marrakech — from the minarets to the doorways, you will see something remarkable. It’s true.” — Tory

Here, Tory is in Yves Saint Laurent’s famous Majorelle Garden. For more pictures from Tory’s trip to Morocco, see our Pinterest page.