Tory, wearing the Abitha sweater and Ames skirt, in Sao Paulo. Photo by Noa Griffel.
Why were you in São Paulo?
We went for work, but it was a pleasure — we were there to celebrate our first Brazilian boutiques and to present our Spring 2013 runway collection to local customers and friends.What were your impressions?
The city and the people — known as Paulistanos — have an incredible energy. Everyone is doing something, and there’s a true entrepreneurial spirit there. They are so proud of their city and Brazil. Everyone was already talking about the World Cup in 2014 and the 2016 Olympics. They are so excited to be the host country.

What were the highlights?
The people. We met so many terrific women — Amalia Spinardi, who launched her own swimwear collection Jo de Mer; Isabeli Fontana, who walked in our runway presentation, and a group of bloggers (social media is huge in Brazil!). I especially loved speaking to a group of university students at FAAP. They had an infectious energy and desire to learn more about fashion and business.

Best time to visit São Paulo and what did you pack?
Any time of year, but our fall is their spring. We had picture-perfect weather in October, so it was perfect for thin knits, blouses and dresses and skirts…with bare legs. All this week, Tory Daily will be highlighting São Paulo tastemakers and entrepreneurs.

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