5:30 AM
Wake up. Show day necessities: coffee and newspapers.
6:00 AM
In hair and makeup — the perfect time to review show notes
7:20 AM
At our venue — the Pierre, which is the perfect backdrop to our Fall 2013 show.
8:45 AM
Final run-through with the models and music — I love the mix of Debussy and Pet Shop Boys.
9.27 AM
First look!
9.40 AM
Final parade and bow.
11.30 AM
En route to our post-show lunch with the design team. It’s one of my favorite traditions.
3.00 PM
Interviews with journalists from Mexico and Germany up at our Madison boutique
7.00 PM
Ice-skating with my youngest — I’m better than I remember!
8.00 PM
Home. Sweet. Home. Catching up on my boys’ days.

Tory, en route to the runway show. Photographed by Jennifer Livingston