Music, like fashion, pays homage to past masters. Some of our favorite songs are takes that have reworked and redefined others — and become classics themselves. Here, from Rod Stewart to the Ramones, is our list of best covers. Listen now on Spotify.


  1. D.D. — The Weeknd
  2. Let’s Spend the Night Together — David Bowie
  3. Just Like Heaven — The Watson Twins
  4. Here Comes the Sun (Live) — Richie Havens
  5. Anna (Go to Him) — The Beatles
  6. Do You Wanna Dance — Ramones
  7. Stand By Me — John Lennon
  8. Gloria — Patti Smith
  9. Time Is On My Side — The Rolling Stones
  10. One — Johnny Cash
  11. The First Cut Is the Deepest — Rod Stewart
  12. Denis — Blondie