What do you love about stripes?
Stripes have always been a favorite of mine. They’re a summer staple — and one of the easiest patterns to pull off. Stripes are so versatile and can go from all-American sportif to nautical to Deauville-chic.

How do you wear stripes?
I treat stripes like a neutral and pair them with basics as well as other graphic prints like florals or abstracts. And I love to layer — both ways! Here, I’m wearing our Polina sweater over a collared shirt, but I also love wearing a striped button-down under a solid sweater for just a peek of pattern. You can also start small, with a striped shoe, bag or scarf.

What’s the key to mixing stripes with other prints?
I keep the silhouettes fitted or on the slim side so the pattern doesn’t overwhelm, and prefer to stick to similar or complementary colors. Try pairing blues with greens, either with light jeans like these or our bright printed Walton pant.

Are they just for summer?
No. I wear my stripes all year. They’re perennial — that’s why I love them.

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