John McEnroe, photographed by Bob Thomas/Getty Images

Here’s why we love the grand dame of the grand slams.

1. Strawberries-and-Cream and Pimm’s: As posh as they are tasty, both are Wimbledon traditions.

2. The Epic Battles: Borg vs. McEnroe, Federer vs. Nadal, the Williams sisters, and Sampras vs. Agassi.

3. All White: The oldest of the grand slam tournaments, it’s the last holdout of all-white tennis for men and women. No acid-washed denim or evening wear-as-tennis gear here.

4. The Comeback Stories: In 1975 Arthur Ashe, 32, beat Jimmy Connors, 22. Unbelievable. Unbelievably graceful.

5. The Sound Bites: “You can not be serious” — John McEnroe, 1981

6. The Youth Quake: Boris Becker wins at 17 in 1985; from Chris Evert to the Williams sisters, it’s been a place where the young and untried seem to break through.

7. Love All: Chris Evert and Jimmy Connors, then engaged, win women’s and men’s finals, respectively, in 1974.

8 The Spectators: Assorted royals (QE2 through Kate Middleton), American presidents, Hollywood icons and stars, Björn Borg’s fans who reached Beatlemaniacal levels, various Rolling Stones over the last five decades, even a Bond or two.

9. The Etiquette: The chair umps refer to players as Miss, Mrs. and Mr.; all players bow to the Queen or Prince of Wales if she/he is in attendance, and no booing (the only crowd that refrains, among the four Grand Slams).

10. The Unexpected: Where else but Wimbledon would you see a Duchess (of Kent) console a player on court (Jana Novotná) or Cliff Richard singing impromptu during a rain delay (where players sang back-up)?

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