By Eugene Souleiman

The Inspiration
Romy Schneider’s character in La Piscine and Brigitte Bardot, but modern-day versions — softer, simpler and easier.

The Look
Classic French — just sexy, gorgeous hair. There’s nothing tortured; this is effortless and believably natural.

How to Get It
The difference between yesteryear and today is that, in those days, hair was teased to death. We’re actually back-combing the roots of the hair and, just before the girls go out, we’re brushing out the back-combing, which gives the same shape with a more delicate, looser quality. It’s that feeling of Brigitte Bardot, but fresher and more youthful. There’s no theatrics involved in the styling. It’s really spontaneous and effortless.

And What You Need
This works for any type of hair and any length. Very often you go to a show and there’s a specific look. We’ve cast the models for their personalities and tailored this style to the girls. It’s like working in a salon, in a way. You get the feeling for each girl; it’s a more emotive way of styling as opposed to a specific thing. To me, that creates effortless glamour.

Photograph by Jennifer Livingston