Do you prefer Cat’s Meow, Pas du Tout or Tomboy? A classic black-and-white photo or softer Seventies focus? Today, we’re introducing 10 Instagram-ready filters and frames on the Tory Daily app. Cat’s Meow, named for one of Tory’s favorite phrases, produces a muted Sixties look, while Pas du Tout, a favorite saying of Tory’s father, renders the image in timeless black-and-white. Choose Divine, a signature expression of Tory’s mother Reva, for a light-washed 35 mm film effect, or Tomboy, one of Tory’s all-time favorite styles, for a Seventies vibe. Then, surround your snaps with Tory’s signature orange fretwork pattern or your favorite print from our Fall 2013 collection. Picture perfect.

Download the Tory Daily app here.