Photographed by Noa Griffel

Tory talks about the new collection and its inspirations

What inspired Spring 2014?
I saw the movie La Piscine by Jacques Deray and was really taken with Romy Schneider’s character. We combined her sense of easy glamour with elements pulled from the film’s setting: the French Riviera during the late Sixties. So we referenced the era’s clean silhouettes and the Côte d’Azur’s sunny, relaxed vibe.

What are you wearing in this picture?
Our Merrit top and Heidi pants, in our new Carinthia print. I love wearing this pattern head to toe. It’s simple and chic. And right now, I’m really loving a crisp Sixties-style Peter Pan collar; you’ll see it throughout the collection.

And the accessories?
The shoes are Sadie slingbacks and the bag is an update of our classic Robinson dome satchel, now done in a basket-weave rattan that feels really fresh for spring. There’s an overall lightness to the collection, from these bags and laser-cut totes to the crochet dresses and skirts.

What are the colors of the season?
There are a lot of whites — cream, ivory and pure white — as well as a lot of blues and whites together. For me, the combination really evokes the French Riviera and the pool life. We also introduced pops of bright reds and corals and, as a neutral complement to everything, gold and silver metallics. As we move into summer, you’ll start seeing a lot of greens…

And key silhouettes?
Everything is either really short or really long — there’s no in-between. I especially love the ankle-grazing hostess skirts we did. They remind me of the Sixties and the way women — like my mother — would entertain at home.

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