For Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor, Founders of Pam & Gela and Juicy Couture, the July 4th weekend is all about beaches,
clam bakes, tennis tournaments, fireworks and friends. “The day unfolds with everyone going from house to house in the Malibu sunshine eating,
drinking and hanging out,” says Pamela, “like a small town block party.” But that’s just the beginning of the summer season for these two, who share more than just a business — as you can see above. Here, more from the California twosome.

Favorite beach read…
PS: The Glitter Plan, the story of how we built Juicy Couture. It’s a funny quick read and one you won’t be able to put down.
I know it’s lame recommending a book I wrote, but it’s that entertaining and fun.
GN: The Goldfinch, which killed me. And the best beach read everrr, The Glitter Plan, of course. I still love dragging a real book to the beach,
getting the pages wet and sandy and leaving it there for the next reader to discover… with a few little notes from me.

Favorite swimwear silhouette…
PS: A ruffle bikini.
GN: A Mikoh Santorini strapless one-piece with crazy intense stringed back detail.

And more on our beach escapes…
PS: Costa Careyes was founded by eccentric artist Gian Franco Brignone, who created a decadent artist colony that’s insanely cool.
The villa we love is La Loma, once the private home of James Goldsmith. It’s more than a villa really; it’s a Moroccan palace.
The combo of the magical beaches, Moroccan architecture, artist colony and wild jungle terrain (home to zebras, crocodiles and exotic birds) just killed me.
GN: Amanyara appeals to all my senses. I have always arrived at night, with Bob Marley blasting on the radio
and the sound of waves pounding on the beach. It has an infinity pool that goes on forever, lit up by candles and the moon.
Drowning myself in the Amanyara essential oil, a fusion of anise and geranium, I wrap myself in a sarong, throw my phone in the ocean and drop out!