Day in the Life: Tory on Show Day

Photographed by Noa Griffel

With weeks of long days and late nights in the lead up to Fashion Week,
the actual day of the show can go by in a blur…

5:30 AM
Wake up and try to wake my boys up.
6:30 AM
Hair and makeup ready, we leave for Lincoln Center. Our Tory Daily photographer gets it all on film.
7:10 AM
Check in with the design team. The clothes are getting steamed while I do some backstage interviews.
8:15 AM
Walk through the collection on the racks with an editor, talking about Spring 2015’s Françoise Gilot inspiration, texture and my favorite looks.
8:30 AM
Dress rehearsal. I love hearing Nian Fish direct.
9:15 AM
Show time! Excited for the soundtrack: Rolling Stones and Lykke Li.
9:27 AM
Final bow.
Lunch at Indochine with the design team. It’s a tradition. I think everyone is going home to sleep afterwards.
4:00 PM
Meeting to discuss our new book Tory Burch In Color, watch collection and the opening celebration of our Shanghai flagship… all to come in October!
7:00 PM
Leaving the office for dinner with my family and to catch a friend’s Spring 2015 show.