Tory Daily takes you backstage at the Spring 2015 runway show.

Eugene Souleiman

The Inspiration
Françoise Gilot — her look and her spirit. It’s a more bohemian, artisanal woman.

The Look
I wanted the hair to almost look like it was styled by nature or sea air — you know, when you go to the beach and there’s salt in the air and you have this wind-swept, sexy texture. It was about making the hair imperfect but in a very beautiful way.

The Part
It’s a side part, which really refines the look and makes it more stylized and chic.

Get the Look
It’s not about feeling like a brush has gone in the hair or that it’s been combed or styled in a conventional way; this is not salon-fresh hair at all. There’s a lot of texture — a matte, weathered, organic texture. If you have very, very straight hair, it’s hard. But if you have hair that’s been colored or chemically processed, it’s kind of easier. Because the hair is drier and creates those beautiful textures and ethereal flyaway wisps. You need that imperfection to give the hairstyle a soul.

Diane Kendal/Tory Burch Beauty

The Inspiration
A photo of Picasso and Françoise Gilot walking along the beach where Françoise is looking like an effortless beauty.

The Look
Very dewy, fresh and luminous — it’s really about girls just walking along the beach, in that effortless way, looking gorgeous.

The Skin
Prep the skin with a little bit of moisturizer. Apply a light-coverage foundation and cover any blemishes, so you’ve got a really even skin tone. Use a blotting powder to take off excess moisturizer so you still have that dewy, luminous quality. Then use Tory’s Bronzer & Blush in Divine on the apple of the cheek. It has a slight shimmer so that adds to the overall dewy, healthy glow.

The Eyes
Going with that fresh and natural look, the eyes are completely bare — just use a little bit of foundation over them to even out the skin tone. Fill in and brush the eyebrows — you’re not really defining them but making them look fuller.

The Lips
Tory Burch Ramble on Rose — it’s quite sheer and gives just a hint of color.

Take the Look from Day to Night
Just add an eye. Tory is coming out with gorgeous eye palettes [in Spring 2015] and there’s one in particular that has really beautiful browns — use that to create a lovely smoky eye, which would be great for evening.

The Trend of the Season
No-makeup makeup. It’s about dewy, natural skin and creating a healthy glow. And eyebrows have been in this season, filled-in and accentuated eyebrows.

Kim D’Amato/Priti NYC

The Inspiration
The girl is coming off the beach. She’s spent the whole day there. So she’s sun-kissed and there’s salt in her hair. It’s all about being clean, fresh, a little bronzed…

The Look
Priti NYC’s Sahara Rose, which is a natural skin-tone color when it’s just one layer — but it’s also very chic. It’s got a shine to it.

The Shape
Short, square — it’s a very natural nail.

The Trend of the Season
Shades of white with tinges of the tiniest bit of color, similar to this. Very natural. And colors with a lot of matte over the top.

Insider Tip
After the last few years of all this nail art and gels, it’s time for nail strengtheners that put nourishment back into your nails. I like using olive oil — you can’t go wrong with it. You can mix it and warm it up, and sometimes I put essential oils in it and massage it into my nails. And when I’m on the run, I use my lip balm. You put that on your cuticles and it’ll stop them from drying out.

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Photographed by Taylor Jewell