• Consume, 2014, by Gao Weigang, courtesy of Weigang and Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, China

  • Neon Aluminium Copper LED, 2014, by Zhou Siwei, courtesy of Siwei and Aike-Dellarco, Shanghai, China

  • Series of Jiu Feng Mountain Landscape No.2, 2014, by Shi Xinji, courtesy of Xinji and Aye Gallery, Beijing, China

  • Around the Way, 2013, by Carlos Rolon (Dzine), courtesy of Rolon and Leeahn Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

  • Intuition 13, 2015, by Giacomo Santiago Rogado, courtesy Santiago Rogado and Galerie Mark Müller, Zurich, Switzerland

  • Anima Mundi, 2013, by Imi Knoebel, courtesy of Mundi and Jensen Gallery, Sydney, Australia

  • Rialto, 2008, by Aida Tomescu, courtesy of Tomescu and Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney, Australia

  • Untitled, 2014, by Brendan Huntley, courtesy of Huntley and Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne, Australia
Today and for the next two days the art world convenes for the first Art Basel show of 2015: Art Basel Hong Kong, located at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on Victoria Harbour. Above, a preview of what to expect. And don’t forget to mark the dates for the other editions: the original Art Basel show in Switzerland takes place in June, the 18th to the 21st, while the Miami Beach outpost is set for December 3rd to 6th.