Photographed by Noa Griffel
Gelato is an Italian institution. And Milan is filled with top-notch outposts serving that sweet treat — from the renown Il Massimo del Gelato (where the Old Masters portraits on the wall have been cheekily Photoshopped with three-scoop cones) to Shockolat (which, true to its name, specializes in all sorts of chocolate delectables) to La Bottega del Gelato (where you can find such exotic fruit flavors as dragon fruit and lychee).

Then there’s Gelateria della Musica, which — great reviews aside, including a rec by Tory Daily tastemaker Simone Marchetti — intrigued us with its name. A gelato shop of… music? Turns out the founder, Fabio Brigliadoro, was once a jazz musician before he turned his attention to the sugary stuff and considers the making of a gelato a lot like the makings of music: It’s about a symphony of ingredients. Flavors range from the classics (the place is known for its takes on pistachio) to the curious (mojito; a bread, butter and jam combo). And in keeping with the theme, Brigliadoro attaches artist names to the flavors — Lady Gaga, Madonna, Peter Gabriel and so on.

P.S. Wondering about the difference between ice cream and gelato? The latter, which uses more milk than cream, is denser and because it’s churned at a slower place, less air is whipped in — which is why it melts less quickly, too.

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