Happy Earth Day! To celebrate, we’re stepping out into the great and gorgeous outdoors — courtesy of interior designer Bunny Williams and her classic book On Garden Style, which has a new, updated edition out this month. In it, she dispenses advice on garden design and creating an alfresco mood that reflects your own taste and style. On Garden Style is easy on the eye — there are lush photos aplenty — but it’s also filled with the sort of in-depth details both novice and veteran gardeners will appreciate. Like how to take into consideration your home’s architectural style. And how to choose your enclosures (picket fence, hedge, lattice, pleached trees?). And the tools you’ll need. And plant lists, divvied up by purpose and leaf color. And primers on unifying your garden with color and texture… It’s a big-picture take on gardening that only a well-honed interior eye like Williams’ can provide.