Photographed by Ally Lewis
There was a time (way back when Don Draper was king), when beauty dictated your lips matched your nails. But that, as they say, was then. These days, beauty is less about what everyone else says and more about what feels right, whether that’s a pale pink nail or something a little more eye-catching. We love our Blue Ink Stripe print — inspired by a wood-grain pattern — so much, we asked Eleanor Langston, founder and CEO of Paintbox, if she and her team of nail artists could translate it for a fun Memorial Day Weekend-ready look. Challenge accepted and, well, nailed, by manicurist Mimi Kurita. The blue and white pick up the graphic lines in Tory’s crescent printed shoulder bag. “Bright primary blue and white is an always-modern combination for summer because it evokes a nautical effect that’s crisp and linear,” says Langston. “The black separation of lines gives the stripes a slight downtown edge that still looks feminine, luxe, neat.”

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