Aerial shot of St. Tropez, photographed by Tommy Clarke (@tommy.clarke)

Happy Bastille Day! Get into the spirit of France’s independence day with a party (fireworks and parades in Paris, perhaps?), a game of petanque or… a day of pure R&R, unwinding in the legendary vacation haunt of St. Tropez. In between the long, lazy hours in the sun, don’t forget to make a stop at Les Galeries Tropéziennes, on 82, Rue Gambetta, the oldest store in St. Tropez. Founded in 1903 and now in the hands of Roseline Moreu, the bazaar-like shop is an institution — and a delightful hodgepodge of goods, from great fabrics and colorful candles to chic little dresses and woven espadrilles. Then there’s its latest exclusive: a canvas and leather beach tote done in collaboration with Goyard and named, appropriately, the Méditerranée.