• Untitled, 1967, by Fred Sandback, left, and Think Pink, 1967, by John McCracken, leaning against wall

  • 930-7 Strip, 2015, by Gerhard Richter
In need of a primer on some of the great modern art masters? Head on over to Marian Goodman Gallery’s Summer Group Exhibit, which is spotlighting six majors who have redefined the contemporary art history narrative. Get up close to an early example of Fred Sandback’s yarn sculptures and, afterwards, be wonderfully engulfed by Gerhard Richter’s latest work, a 36-foot-wide digital take on a painting of his own from 1990 — an abstraction of an abstraction. Muse over the right brain-meets-left brain mashup of Lawrence Weiner’s “text” art. Get lost in bold fields of color with works by Sol LeWitt and Anne Truitt. You can take in one of John McCracken’s signature plank sculptures, too. That’s the beauty of this small show — tightly edited and easy to navigate, it’s a delight for art lovers, both novice and veteran.