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Guido Palau

The Inspiration
A kind of rich ease. Some style and structure — a nod to the late Fifties, early Sixties, to evoke sophistication — but then breaking that with a messy bit. It has a lot of contradictions — the sophistication and the simplistic. And like the collection, it’s very summery… the kind of hair a woman would like to have on vacation.

The Look
A root lift in the crown, with a messy knot. And a very short parting, which is kind of sexier than a neat parting; it’s slightly off. Asymmetry is a lot more flattering than perfection. At the last minute, we spritz with some water to soften and create strands. The look is pulled-together but with little bits stuck to her face, so it’s very feminine and sultry.

To Recreate at Home
Just take the idea of a little volume in the messy bun: teasing it, smoothing it with the hand. Tie with an elastic. A few knots — the more random, the better. Little things might be flying out anyway, wisps of the hairdo, that would give it its ease. All the little mistakes will give charm to this kind of hair. You could also wet the ends first to reactivate any residual product. It’s not perfect — it’s touching the face and falling out.

How Beauty Has Changed Over the Years
Over the last 20 years, we’ve broken the beauty myth a bit. More and more, what was considered not-good hair is now considered good hair. Beauty can be simple, less labored. It can be what you want it to be. You can put your hair up in a messy pony and still be as fashionable as someone who spends much more time on her hair. There was a time when women definitely wanted their hair blown out. Now, the ease in your hair is what is sophisticated.

Diane Kendal
Tory Burch Beauty

The Inspiration
A chic traveler who’s used to being all over the world…

The Look
Very fresh and luminous. It’s a little nod to the Sixties, but it’s not “Sixties.”

The Skin
Tone, moisturize and then use light-coverage foundation all over.

The Eyes
First, fill in the eyebrows, brushing them slightly with a shadow that matches your natural brow color to give them a little bit of definition. Then brush a light shadow — Gamine from Tory’s Pas du Tout — all over the eyelid and, using a brown pencil, do a half-eye liner starting in the middle of the eye, extending outward, with a little kick upward in the corner. That opens the eye and gives it an exotic feel. Follow that with a black liner, very close to the lashes, just to emphasize the line. Curl the lashes and apply mascara — but just on the outer corner.

The Cheeks
Tory’s bronzer and blush — brushed softly on the apples of the cheeks.

The Lip
Mix a little foundation to Tory’s Pas du Tout lip color, to get a beautiful nude pink.

To Take the Look from Day to Night
Put a bit of dark color in the contours to make the look more evening. Add mascara all the way across the lashes — not just on the outer corner. And I wouldn’t make the lips so nude — apply some color on its own.

Best Beauty Advice Received
Always take your makeup off before you go to bed.

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Kim D’Amato
Priti NYC

The Inspiration
Nature. So everything, down to the makeup, is very natural.

The Look
Close to clear, with a tinge of color called English Miss. It adds a very, very natural type of shine to the nails.

The Steps
Wipe off any existing polish with Soy Nail Polish Remover, which keeps a moisturized cuticle because I’ve added lemongrass essential oils to it. Unlike regular nail polish remover, this doesn’t have any acetone and it’s 100 percent biodegradable and non-toxic. Add a base coat, two layers of English Miss and a top coat.

The Shape
A natural square.

Our deep organic hand and foot cream, which includes organic rosemary and mint essential oils, for healing properties. We make it in fresh batches. Rosemary and mint are natural anti-fungals, so this is especially good when we’re giving the models’ pedicures.

And Winter Nail-Care Tips
Cuticle oil is essential. In the winter, with the cold and gloves and everything, cuticles can rip or tear. I just created a cuticle oil with soy and geranium properties. It’s not out yet but is going to come out shortly…

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