• Tina Aumont © Brigid Berlin/Reel Art Press

  • Diana Vreeland © Brigid Berlin/Reel Art Press

  • Andy Warhol © Brigid Berlin/Reel Art Press

  • The cover of Brigid Berlin Polaroids
Tick tock, tick… Nearly 30 years after his death, Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame is still going strong. The latest entry in his ever-growing legend comes courtesy of Brigid Berlin Polaroids, from Reel Art Press. The title spells it out — the book is an endless stream of captivating Polaroid pictures from Berlin, who was a former Warhol superstar. Through her lens you can experience this seminal period of New York cultural history — and its key figures — straight from its pulsing heart. A frequent subject of Warhol’s films, a longtime Factory employee and, as John Waters writes in the introduction, “Andy’s best friend,” Berlin was the Warhol Insider’s Insider. She had access to his circle — her circle — like no one else could: Patti Smith, Lou Reed, John Cage, Diana Vreeland, Nico, Viva, Ultra Violet, Candy Darling, Willem de Kooning, Robert Rauschenberg and countless others. And, of course, Warhol himself. “Brigid is to Andy what Squeaky Fromme is to Manson,” Waters continues, “the last loyal and ferocious member, yet a survivor.”