We interview the beauty experts on the look behind Tory’s Fall/Winter 2016 runway show.

Guido Palau for Redken

The Inspiration
The inspiration is always the Tory Burch woman. She’s super easy with her beauty and her sophistication.

The Look
There’s a center part, soft around the ears, and a messy knot. The part is messy, too, and not a completely straight line; it’s done with the fingers. Use Wind Blown 05 from Redken to texturize the hair, then finger it into a very low ponytail and twist that into a messy knot. The look nods a little bit to the Seventies and that cinemanic idea of beauty; it’s not forced at all. At the moment, it doesn’t seem very modern to do very though-about hair; your beauty has to be easy and sophisticated.

The Accessories
A few of the models have hair accessories — for example, a bar with a pin going through it, which sort of looks like a horse’s bit. They nod to the equestrian feeling that is happening this season.

Diane Kendal for Tory Burch Beauty

The Inspiration
Seventies equestrian, a little bit sporty.

The Look
Really fresh, really healthy.

The Skin
Very luminous and fresh. To get that, use a light coverage foundation.

The Eyes
Brush Tory’s Jolie Laide brown shadow from her
Pas Du Tout Shadow Palette
in the outer corner of the crease, blending that underneath. Then, using a foundation brush, go over that with a little dab of foundation to make it kind of worn in. This takes away all the hard edges and really softens the look. Curl your lashes, and add a light coat of mascara. Brush the eyebrows.

The Cheeks
Apply Tory’s Bronzer & Blush to the apple of the cheeks for a healthy glow.

The Lip
Mix Tory’s Pas Du Tout lip color with a little bit of foundation and apply with a lip brush. This isn’t a really defined lip, just enough to give a hint of color.

To Take the Look from Day to Night
Either add a black line or go over the eyes with Tory’s Pas Du Tout Shadow Palette and make more of a smoky eye.

Shop Tory’s Pas Du Tout eye shadow palette.
Shop Tory’s bronzer and blush.
Shop Tory’s Pas du Tout lip color.

Kim D’Amato for Priti NYC

The Inspiration
The film L’amour l’après-midi — or, in English, Love in the Afternoon.

The Look
Very, very natural. Because after Love in the Afternoon, you don’t actually have your nails done.

The Steps
For a natural look, use our new white blossom-scented soy remover, followed by the soy and geranium cuticle oil to give your nails some nourishing. The germanium is anti-inflammatory. After the winter week we’ve had [in New York], the models’ nails are destroyed, so it’s a wonderful thing for them to get a reprieve and nourish their nails.

The Shape
A squoval — a square-oval.

Additional Winter Nail-Care Tips
You can use the soy and geranium cuticle oil all over your hands, not just on your nails. And when you’re home, watching TV, get some olive oil, put it in a bowl and warm it up. You can add some rosemary or something else out of your herbal closet and just soak your nails in it.

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