It takes a special kind of athlete to take on a triathlon, one of the ultimate tests of determination and endurance. In honor of all those pushing their limits, here’s a soundtrack to keep the flow going from swim to cycle to miles-long run.
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  1. Ride On, Baby — The Rolling Stones
  2. Road Runner’s ‘G’ Jam — Humble Pie
  3. Water — Steve Cropper, Pop Staples, & Albert King
  4. Ride Captain Ride — Blues Image
  5. Pushin’ Too Hard — The Seeds
  6. Every Breath You Take — The Police
  7. Run to Me — Bee Gees
  8. Bicycle Race — Queen
  9. Obvious Bicycle — Vampire Weekend
  10. You Can Make It If You Try — Sly & The Family Stone
  11. Slow Ride — Beastie Boys
  12. Harder Better Faster Stronger — Daft Punk

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Artwork by Jonathan Calugi