Did you know that the type of stripes on your tunic indicated your status in Ancient Rome? Or that along with all the other treasures, King Tut was also buried with two striped tunics? It’s something to think about the next time you’re wearing the style — like, from left, Tory’s Loretta, Gwen and Mosaic tunics above. Here, more fun facts about one of our favorite silhouettes.

The Right Stripes
In Ancient Rome, the type of tunic you wore — and its stripes — indicated your status in life; the wider the stripe, the higher the standing.

Flash Back
You never know what you can find at Paris’ famed Clignancourt flea market — that’s where Tory found the inspiration for the collection’s signature tunic.

Côte Check
When Nan Kempner was refused entry into New York’s La Côte Basque restaurant because she was wearing pants, she took them off and rolled right in wearing just her top — a YSL tunic.

Talk About Timeless Fashion
In 2011, scientists at Norway’s Museum of Cultural History discovered a wool tunic dating back to 300 AD — give or take a few decades — in a thawing glacier.

Case in Point
In Cameroon, in the late 20th century, some of the Kaka tribesman wore, yes, tunics made from rows and rows of porcupine quills.

12 for the Road
In addition to chariots, jewels and shrines, King Tutankhaten was buried with 12 tunics, including two striped styles and two embellished with blue beads and gold.

Center Stage
Tunics and rock stars make for easy bedfellows. The Beatles wore them. The Rolling Stones did, too. Prince even rocked out at a Coachella concert in 2008 wearing a tunic — in fact, a studded white version of the classic Tory Tunic.