Chloe Kernaghan, left, and Krissy Jones wear the side-slit tech knit sweater, photographed at Sky Ting Yoga

Meet Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan, the dynamic duo behind Sky Ting Yoga, a zen oasis located above the hustle and bustle of Chinatown in New York. The studio, which comes with its own rooftop for outdoor sessions, offers classes that find inspiration in a combo of practices, from Katonah and Taoist to hatha and vinyasa. “Cross-pollinating yogic material,” Jones, right, and Kernaghan explain, “allows us to create something wholly new yet refined with rich substance and history.” Here, the founders share their tips and motivation mantras.

I started yoga because…
Chloe Kernaghan: I needed tools to help me survive in NYC!
Krissy Jones: My favorite dance teacher would bring me to class with him and I got addicted.

And what I love about it…
CK: The never-ending discovery and exploration that the practice brings to me.
KJ: It’s extremely effective. Yoga is a recipe for radiance and well-being.

My favorite pose…
CK: Gomukhasana or cow-faced pose. It is one of the most difficult poses for me to really settle in — I pretty much want to throw up in it — but once I allow my breath to calm down and I stay, there’s an incredible sense of clarity and calm that comes over me… and I feel like I have new hips!
KJ: Rounded plough pose. I’m very social during the day. Plough pose gives me a moment to be alone, self-soothe and listen to the sound of my own breath.

Sky Ting Yoga is known for…
CK: Quality yoga in an incredibly beautiful space.
KJ: Being a well-designed yoga studio with great teachers for real-life people. We’re very accessible and practical.

My advice for the yoga newbie…
CK: Have fun with it — there is no competition or “perfect pose” in yoga. Enjoy the process.
KJ: Don’t wear socks.

And a yoga pro tip…
CK: Try and take the class the teacher is teaching, even if he or she might ask you to do a posture slightly differently than what you’re used to. There is so much information and technique out there these days, it behooves you to allow for the experience of something new in the body and see what the teacher has to offer you!
KJ: Don’t just go to any class. Seek out teachers who inspire you and offer more than just a good workout. And keep practicing! The more techniques you have, the easier it is!

My yoga playlist includes…
CK: All kinds of everything. Slightly unpredictable, always.
KJ: Some disco, a little hip hop, reggae, old stuff, new stuff, weird stuff.

Favorite healthy snacks/drinks…
CK: Bananas, kombucha, anything from Dimes!
KJ: Fruit, nuts, kombucha, lemon water… red wine?

My motivation mantra…
CK: If not now, then when?
KJ: I am the mediator and modulator of my own life.

I define wellness as…
CK: Good technique on how to live life.
KJ: Tools to feel radiant, joyful, healthy, abundant.

Jones, left, wearing Tory Sport’s seamless racerback bra and seamless cropped legging, and Kernaghan, in the jersey cami bra and essential cropped legging, photographed at Sky Ting Yoga

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