Photographed by Bert Stern/Condé Nast/Getty Images

What do Twiggy (above), Beyoncé, Amy Poehler, Lily Tomlin and Mother Teresa have in common? They’re all pretty awesome icons — and Virgos. Here, read what the month of Virgo (August 22nd – September 22nd) offers you, courtesy of our astrology expert, Susie Cox.

Happy Birthday, sweet Virgo! This is your time of the year to shine. There are several planets in your sign of Virgo now to give you an extra special birthday! Do something extraordinary for yourself this birthday. You deserve it!

Both sexy Venus and abundant Jupiter will be entering your sign of Libra the end of August and the first week of September. Those are both the good luck planets, so you have some unusual and exceptional opportunities just around the corner.

Your power dates are September 5th and 6th. Plan to do something relaxing and fun for that time. You will realize that your creative ideas are very strong, so be open to new experiences that will uplift your spirit.

Both Mars and Saturn are in your sign of Sagittarius now and will be there for a while. Saturn is business and Mars is action, so see if you can start a new project that will captivate you.

The second week in September will bring a time for you to organize your finances and business dealings. You might want to meet with your advisors and make this time fairly official.

Your sign of Aquarius is excellent at looking at the big picture, and this is one of those times. Plan for your future; look at the upcoming year for events; decide where you are going for your next holiday. Think big!

The Full Moon will be in your sign of Pisces this month on September 16th. But this Full Moon is more special because it’s a Lunar Eclipse. When an Eclipse falls in your sign, it’s your time to rethink your life and let go of what is no longer necessary.

The last week in August is your power time. You will want to experience new beginnings. Unusual opportunities will be attracted to you. Try something you have never done before because you will feel very adventurous.

There are several planets in earth signs that are supporting your Taurus Sun now. The last week in July is your power time this month. You will feel organized and ready to put your affairs together.

Your power dates are August 24th – 26th when you will feel like getting a lot of work done. Plan to take those days to focus on a project that you have wanted to complete for a while. You will feel freedom in your life as a result.

The last week in August will be your dates to be creative. Take some time to do art, to meditate, to take a nap and generally be in touch with your inner self. Listen to your quiet voice.

This month you will feel ready to jump in the world in a totally new way. The sense of adventure and excitement about new opportunities will capture you. Look at newness in your life now and embrace it fully.