• michelle_nussbaumer_960_01Photographed by Stephen Karlisch, from Wanderlust (Rizzoli)
  • michelle_nussbaumer_960_02Photographed by Melanie Acevedo, from Wanderlust (Rizzoli)
  • michelle_nussbaumer_960_03Photographed by Stephen Karlisch, from Wanderlust (Rizzoli)

Dallas-based decorator Michelle Nussbaumer creates sumptuous interiors that channel a chic global nomad, from her own chalet in Gstaad (rustic alpine meets modern art) to her clients’ homes around the world, which combine traditional English style, African textiles, Navajo blankets…. Throw in inspirations in Paris, Rome and San Miguel de Allende, where she also has a home, and you get a better understanding of her sensibility. So it’s fitting, then, that the first book dedicated to her work is called Wanderlust (Rizzoli). One exotic trip after the next, Wanderlust is filled with opulent homes that all tell stories of travel. You’ll be seduced by Nussbaumer’s talent for bringing together far-flung elements to create a beautifully curated home. Just one word of warning: The book will spark a passion for wandering around the world, collecting treasures and exploring exotic flea markets, so update your passports, stat.