We have so many holiday traditions, some we still do and some we do in spirit. When I was growing up in Valley Forge, we used to pick the tree we would chop down and bring back to the house and spend an entire day (sometimes more) decorating the tree and the house. My mother Reva is renowned for her top-to-bottom holiday decor. While we can’t chop down the tree in New York City, we do still spend an entire day trimming the tree and the apartment and playing board games. And receiving holiday cards is still one of my favorite parts of the holidays. We so rarely get letters any more in this age of emails and texts, that getting a holiday card in the mail is so special. And I love creating our card — it was a fun challenge when my boys were young, but we have it down now. I have kept every holiday card of ours since I was young — including the one of Valley Forge, which my mother hand-painted red bows on each one!


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