Photographed by Nick Solares @nicksolares

Keith McNally’s Midas touch continues. The man behind Balthazar, Schiller’s, Odeon and Cherche Midi — whom The New York Times once dubbed “the restaurateur who invented downtown” has planted his flag in the Financial District with his first hotel restaurant, Augustine in The Beekman Hotel. The decor is wonderful — French bistro style cast in warm golden glows — and the scene, as with his other spots, impossibly chic. That the food, with chefs Shane McBride and Daniel Parilla at the helm, is top notch goes without saying — like the whiskey burger, with Comté cheese and single malt scotch-braised onions, that comes with its own fitting side dish: a shot of whiskey. As for the restaurant name, it takes after a Christian theologian and philosopher from the fourth century, who, at first glance, isn’t the sexiest of inspirations until you realize this: Augustine helped construct the doctrine of original sin.

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