Lee Radziwill, right, with Jackie Kennedy at the Pier of Amalfi, photographed by Getty Images/Bettman

Calling all Pisces, from Gloria Steinem and George Washington to Elizabeth Taylor and Lee Radziwill (above). Astrology expert Susie Cox reveals what’s in store for the month under this sign (February 18th – March 20th).

Happy Birthday, sweet Pisces! This is your month to make your dreams real. Do something that is easy and guaranteed to succeed and then focus on the bigger dreams. The next two weeks are just plane magical for you.

You have some incredible power dates this month, Aries. From February 23rd to March 1st is your time to shine. You will attract opportunities like never before… and in such a short period of time!

The action planet Mars will enter your sign on March 9th and will remain there until April 21st. If you want to start an exercise regime or try a new sport, this is the time. You will feel stronger than you have in a while and ready to move forward.

The first week in March is your time to expand your horizons. Take a class or listen to a stimulating lecture during that time. Your mind is like a sponge now and wants to learn something new. Feed your hungry curiosity.

Your sign of Cancer is so good at nurturing and the second week in March will be a good time to reach out. There will be situations around you that will need some soothing and you will be the perfect person to do just that. Kindness always wins.

The weekend of March 10th is a perfect time to take a short road trip or mini holiday. Do something unusual because you will be in the mood to get a bit wild. You might be feeling some spring fever.

The Full Moon is in your sign of Virgo on March 12th. There are several planets in inspirational Pisces now to balance out your tendency to look at all the Virgo details. Try to bring out your spiritual, creative, musical or artistic side during this Full Moon.

Mid-March will be a time to notice the sudden emotional outbursts of those around you. As usual, you will have a calming effect on the group dynamics. Stay calm and centered in yourself, so it will be easy for you to share that with others.

This is the month for you to look at your healthy practices, or maybe not so healthy parts of your life. What could be changed for the better? Is it finally time to join that gym, or at least start taking walks in the morning? You can do it!

The third week in February will give you a voice in some important matters. You will feel strong and will want to stand up for your values. Your Sag is a fire sign and it being stimulated by the Year of the Fire Rooster.

Your power dates this month are very strong. Pay attention to February 22nd and 23rd for extraordinary events. You will likely have interactions with people in positions of authority — but you will be able to hold you own.

The last week in February will be a great time for you to let go of anything stressful in your life. You might want to do a housecleaning for your life and release what is no longer necessary.