Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa, founded by former Diesel creative director Wilbert Das, could be a draw all on its own. Located in Trancoso, on the Brazilian coast, Uxua is a collection of former fishermen’s cottages that have been revamped into charming luxury villas; some even come with their own private gardens and pools. There are the usual top-tier hotel amenities — spa, yoga, fitness studio — as well as more unique offerings, like capoeira classes and a pool lined in healing aventurine quartz. But the hook here, really, is Trancoso itself.

A vacation magnet for A-Listers including Naomi Campbell, Anderson Cooper, Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyoncé — and, before that, beloved by hippies in the Seventies — Trancoso is eternally a quiet, delightfully idle, disconnected-from-the-world slice of paradise. This is a getaway where you really get away. Where, even if you’re a famous face that launches a thousand paparazzi flashes, you can fade into a sun-kissed, low-key, bohemian lifestyle. Days on the white sandy beaches, afternoons at the Quadrado, the town square, watching the local kids playing soccer, nights indulging in the best fresh local eats (paging all seafood lovers)… Uxua creates a home for you in the midst of this idyllic experience. As for the origins of the hotel’s name, Uxua means “wonderful” in the near-extinct language of the local Pataxó tribes. Sounds about right.

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