• Then & Now: ”Beach days when Luna was an only child and taking her places was easy,” says Dueñas Jacobs of the 2014 photo. The insert is of “my young and beautiful mom holding me as a baby in 1983.”
  • “Summer of 2016 when I was pregnant with the twins and had no idea how different life would be in just a few months!”
  • “One of my favorite pictures taken by The Glow. They did a feature on me and the girls that I adore.”
  • “It’s hard to get a photo of me with all three girls. I like this one because it’s just a caught moment without posing.”
  • “This is my mom in the Eighties — people say we look a lot alike. I love that!”
  • Circa 1989. “That poncho…”
Maria Dueñas Jacobs sat with her mother Rosaria Pugliese and sister Bianca for a Mother’s Day portrait for Tory Daily in 2013. For this Mother’s Day, Maria and her mother shared a handful of pictures from her childhood in Miami — all precious considering many were lost in a flood caused by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. But nothing can touch the bonds between mother-daughter, something shared between Pugliese and her daughters and which Jacobs is nurturing with her three young daughters. And when you’re a mom, every day is an exercise in remembering what you learned from your own mom. “Throughout my childhood my mother lead by example, always empathizing with others and demonstrating patience in difficult situations,” says Dueñas Jacobs, Accessories Director at Elle. “Every day I work on being the best version of myself (some days it’s harder than others) by being kind and working on being patient with my kids and in my daily life. I repeat the phrase ‘It’s cool to be kind” to my daughter often so that it sinks in!”

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