It’s no secret that our stores pull their decor inspiration from Tory’s own home, from the Madeleine Castaing touches to the antique blue-and-white Imari vases scattered throughout. But did you know that our new Pre-Fall 2017 store windows incorporate a personal element as well? The backdrop — created by Dimonah and Mehmet Iksel of Iksel Decorative Arts; read their story here — features Iznik motifs, which have long been a fascination for Tory, ever since she visited the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. She loves the tilework so much, she recreated the look — trompe l’oeil-style, also by Iksel — for her dining room in Southampton, piecing together her own layout with her stepdaughter Pookie. That exact design, right down to the faux molding, is the one you’ll find in our store windows worldwide right now.

“Iznik is famous because its finest period coincided with the great Ottoman architecture of the late 16th Century, under Suleiman the Magnificent,” explains Dimonah Iksel, noting that you can find some of the best examples of Iznik tiles in the mosques by architect Mimar Sinan. “They represent the most exuberant form of ornamentation in these otherwise severe buildings. We fell in love many years ago with Iznik and did a large study of the elements we chose from the high period.” Her favorite part of the display? The stylized cherry tree at the center. “The cherry originates in Turkey,” she says. “Lucullus, circa 100 BC, discovered it during his travels to Anatolia and planted the seeds in Rome where the fruit became a craze.”