Tory in the driveway, wearing the Cadyn jacket, photographed by Oberto Gili
In the latest issue of Architectural Digest, Tory opens up her Southampton home to writer David Netto. “Rather than the opulent backdrop for leisure the house was built to be, Westerly now functions as something of a lab,” he writes of the 1929 Georgian residence, “a source of inspiration and a tool for conjuring ideas for her collections.” In addition to the decor touches done in collaboration with interior designer Daniel Romualdez, Netto also highlights the home’s history — including a certain infamous 1963 debutante party. Read the complete story and take a tour here on

The October 2017 cover of Architectural Digest

The pool house — with Tory’s mom’s pet poodle, Lulu, sitting in front — photographed by Oberto Gili

Tory’s dining room with custom Decorative Arts wall covering, antique chairs with Les Indiennes seat cushions and Stephen Antonson tables, set with Dodie Thayer for Tory Burch lettuceware and Tory’s spring meadow glasses, photographed by Oberto Gili

Tory Burch, wearing the Sylvia gown, stands in front of aDiego Giacometti table in the entrance hall, photographed by Oberto Gili

Tory’s living room with a 1930s crystal chandelier from Liz O’Brien and sofas upholstered in Colefax and Fowler’s iconic Bowood, photographed Oberto Gili