Jean Shrimpton, July 1966, photographed by Stan Meagher/Express/Getty Images

Astrologer Susie Cox reveals what’s next now that we’re approaching the water sign of Scorpio (October 22nd – November 21st), which counts model Jean Shrimpton above, born November 6th, as one of its card-carrying members.

Happy Birthday, Scorpio! This is the beginning of a year of personal and professional growth for you. Since Jupiter, the planet of abundance, just entered your sign, Jupiter will bless you all year long. Start new project and think Big!

There is a beautiful triangle of planets in fire signs this entire month. You are a fire sign, dear Sag, and you will be brought to life this month with this positive support. Wrap up the old first so you can easily start something new.

Venus is connecting with your Capricorn Sun this month and will bring in some sensitivity to your more practical side. Listen to your heart and see if you can try to become more vulnerable. It’s called for now.

Both loving Venus and passionate Mars are aligning with your Aquarius Sun this entire month. You will feel social and will want to mingle with people and will meet new friends. If you are in the mood, romance is on your horizon.

The end of October and the first week in November will a time of abundance for you. Jupiter is aligning nicely with your Pisces Sun. If you are open for new opportunities, this is your time!

The Love planet, Venus, and the passionate planet, Mars, are both shining on you from Libra this month. Since Libra is your opposite sign, you can will feel it strongly this entire month. If you want romance, this just might be the alignment you have been waiting for.

The Full Moon will be in your sign on November 3rd. If you can, pamper yourself on that weekend. Yes, a spa day or short trip is in the stars for you. Indulgence belongs to Taurus and this is your chance.

Both sweet Venus and energetic Mars are in a very positive angle with your Gemini Sun now. You will have new opportunities come your way that will amaze you. Keep a loving and high vibration and you will attract an exciting new direction in your life.

There are a lot of planets in water signs now that are helping your Sun in Cancer. You will be receiving so much emotional support that is will feel like a warm hug all the time. Also, you will be compelled to reach out to people and send them extra love.

This entire month will be a power month for you, strong Leo! You will take on an unexpected leadership role and will shine brightly. An old challenge will finally be resolved, and by you!

Often you plan events way in advance and analyze them to make fixes. This month you will feel more inclined to trust your feelings and yes, even your intuition.

Artistic Venus will be in Libra until November 7th. If you can possibly squeeze in a time to receive a luxurious treat, now is your window. Indulge yourself with guilt-free pleasure. You deserve it.