Tory in front of Robert Indiana’s Love sculpture in New York, photographed by Jennifer Livingston

Get creative and think outside of the chocolate box this Valentine’s Day. Here, the Tory Daily editors share their favorite ways to say “I love you.”

1. The ultimate selfie (or almost-selfie). This is the one time we endorse selfies. In front of an iconic, always-on-point sculpture or work of art that says it all.

Photographed by Jesse Chamberlin
2. Why send a bouquet of flowers when you can fill your loved one’s car with his or her favorite blooms? And when we say fill, we really mean stuff. We suggest doing this once in a lifetime.

Petit Hafa hotel in Mexico, photograph via @mapplantravel
3. Forget creating a path with petals or candles. Spell it out with painted hearts.

4. Take it old school. The concept of a mixtape translates beautifully onto a playlist where every song means something poignant and personal to the listener. Bonus: Upload homemade album art, too.

Slice of cake from Sweet Laurel Bakery, photographed by Laurel Gallucci
5. Anything with food — it’s the way to anyone’s heart.