President John F. Kennedy, far right, with his daughter, Caroline, second from right; brother-in-law, Steven Smith and niece Maria Shriver, July 1963, photographed by Cecil Stoughton/White House Photographs/John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston

‘Tis the season to celebrate Geminis! The birthday roster includes everyone from Tory and President John F. Kennedy (above) to Josephine Baker and Bob Dylan. Keep reading to discover your horoscope, from astrologer Susie Cox, now that we’re in this air sign (May 20th – June 21st).

Happy Birthday, perky Gemini! Your planet, Mercury, will be in your sign of Gemini from now until June 12th. You will feel even more like talking than your normal communicative self. Great time for writing.

Venus, the planet of love, will be in your sign from May 20th until June 13th. This is your time to pamper yourself and others. If you can, have a reunion during those dates. People will want to be cozy and talk about precious memories.

Your power date this month is the weekend of June 16th. Venus will be joined by the moon and they will both be in Leo then. Have a big, lavish party! People will be talking about it the next day — which you love!

During the last week in May, you will feel more creative than usual. What have you been procrastinating with finishing? Choose a project that can get completed in a few days to feel satisfied.

The beginning of the weekend of May 24th through 26th is your best social time this month. Invite a variety of friends, who might not know each other yet, for a gathering. Choose an unusual mix and enjoy the excitement.

The last weekend in May is your power time this month, dear Scorpio. You will be surrounded by so much love coming your way, that it will amaze you. Put yourself in a position to receive love and abundance.

The full moon will be in your sign of Sagittarius on May 29th. This is your time to celebrate how much you love your life. What are you proud of? What do you want to show to the world? Do it now!

Memorial weekend will be a social time for you, Capricorn. Venus is opposite your sun now and typically brings friendship, family and love. Come out of your cave to play for a while.

Yes, Mars is in your sign of Aquarius now and will be there until November 16th. Mars will be doing a long retrograde in your sign to stir things up a bit. You are probably already feeling more energy in your life. Use it to change your patterns.

Both of the positive planets, Venus and Jupiter, are aligning very nicely with your sun in Pisces now. The good luck will become apparent in early June and will be with you for a few weeks. Do fun things!

Early June will bring an energy to you of communication. You will want to contact your friends, get caught up on stories and basically will want to talk to everyone. If you have any writing or public speaking engagements, this is your time!

Now that the slow-moving planet Uranus has moved into your sign of Taurus, change is in the air for you. Often Uranus brings a sudden release of the old so you can start the new easily. Is that happening already?