Photographed by Noa Griffel
What was the inspiration?
It’s all about a bohemian summer — easy, relaxed, free spirited. We also found inspiration in my love of gardens, from modern updates on gardening workwear to jewelry in the shape of gardening tools.Favorite print?
So many to choose from. We did an artisanal take on color-blocking — in rich spice colors — that was inspired by handmade quilts from Gee’s Bend, Alabama. My favorites are the florals, though, especially a wildflower print we’ve named Meadow Folly and the daisy pattern on the Susanna dress I’m wearing here.

Can you tell us about the accessories?
We had a lot of fun with the accessories this season. In addition to the jewelry we did inspired by gardening tools, we also designed a bracelet with snack-shaped charms, fringed handbags, shearling slides, a new camera bag with swinging tassels

Why the focus on gardens?
My mother is always in her garden at Valley Forge. Growing up, I was in charge of pulling the weeds. Not my favorite job, but it taught me a lot. Likewise, she learned from her father, who had a green thumb. I love spending time in my garden. I’m not winning any prizes for what I grow, but I find it therapeutic. We have tomatoes, cucumbers and other fresh vegetables and herbs and, of course, plenty of flowers like my favorite, garden roses.