Colors offer more than just visual intrigue; they’re capable of evoking certain feelings and moods. According to the Fortune-Telling Book of Colors by K. C. Jones, your palette preferences also speak volumes about your personality, too. Here, a few highlights from this hue lover’s delight — and Tory Daily editor favorite — which also details everything from color superstitions and dream interpretations to enacting change in your life with new chromatic decor.

You freely share your feelings and opinions. You often act without much forethought, but this quickness stems from a deep desire to get things accomplished. You seldom procrastinate. You have great physical strength, a boundless supply of energy and a zest for life.

You are the life of the party and truly thrive in social settings. Beneath this gaiety, you also crave the respect and admiration of your peers, and feel a constant pressure to keep up with others. Orange is a combination of equal parts red and yellow, and your personality reflects this: You are assertive when you need to be (a red trait), but this assertiveness is tempered by an innate friendliness (a yellow trait).

Your disposition fits your color — you are happy and sunny and people are drawn to you because of it. Yellows are creative beings and visionaries. You have big ideas, but follow-through is not your forte; you do best if you convey your ideas to others who can carry them out.

You cannot abide others telling you what to do — you need to be free to make your own decisions. As befits your color, you love nature and being outdoors, especially during the spring and summer months. You have a gentle, serene disposition and are not easily upset. Friends turn to you in times of crisis, and you are always helpful to them, though you must take care not to be so charitable that you neglect your own needs.

You strive for perfection in all that you do, and you most always succeed. You are even-tempered and measured, and you think before you speak. You have high ideals, and feel it is your duty to hold yourself to them. You can be very trusting once you get to know people, and likewise you have a deep need to be trusted. You possess a thirst for knowledge.

You put others before yourself, and you enjoy being needed. This extends beyond your inner circle; you enjoy having causes to support and helping out those in need. You are free-spirited and open to all ways of seeing the world. You are intrigued by fantasy and the supernatural. You are most likely introverted, though not shy. And you can be mysterious; even your closest friends might say they do not really know you.