Tory at the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan wearing a Spring/Summer 2019 trenchcoat, Striped Printed Silk Shirt, Handwoven Leather Front Sweater, Asymmetric Stitch Pant, Fabienne Bootie, and a Lee Radziwill Bag .
“Japan is one of my favorite countries in the world. I’ve always been obsessed with the culture, the architecture and the region’s dedication to design. This trip is especially thrilling and personal to me. Japan was the first international market that the company expanded into. I am very excited to visit and celebrate our recently opened Ginza flagship.

I find inspiration everywhere but especially when I travel – it is the most invaluable thing I bring home with me. Walking the streets of Tokyo has been immensely inspirational, the women here have incredible personal style. Seeing them fuels my creativity. It drives me to continuously create clothes and accessories that dress a busy, modern woman. My goal is to create what can fit seamlessly into her lifestyle and exude effortless chic.” – Tory

世界にある様々な国の中でも、日本は私のお気に入りのひとつです。私は特に日本が好きです。その文化や建築、デザインへの造詣の深さに夢中なのです。今回日本を訪れることは個人的にも楽しみにしていました。日本はトリー バーチが米国外に始めて進出した海外のマーケットですし、最近出来たばかりの銀座店オープンを是非直接お祝いしたかったのです。