The oak panelled bar topped with Carrara marble. Photograph by Davina Tan.

Fall came way too fast this year, no? But we’ve found the closest way to recreate that feeling of cruising along the Amalfi coast or in a gondola through the Grand Canal. From the mini empire of Jody Williams and Rita Sodi, the James Beard Award-winners who brought us I Sodi, Via Carota and Buvette, comes Bar Pisellino, their West Village-version of the classic Italian bar.

Bar Pisellino is evocative of an old-world coffee joint, where most drinking is done standing up and there’s a seamless segue from tossing back espressos to sipping an Aperol Spritz (on tap, at that). From morning to midnight, pastries and tramezzino accompany cappuccinos and craft cocktails. We can’t get you to Italy, and summer is over so it’s a wrap on that anyway, but we can recommend a vicarious next-best-thing.

Visit: Bar Pisellino, 52 Grove Street, New York, New York

One of the many apertivo to choose from.

Bomboloni, aka the luxury Italian doughnut, served with a cappuccino.
An example of timeless street style: dining and drinking al fresco in the West Village. Images courtesy of Bar Pisellino.