Tory on her recent visit to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, wearing a beautiful abaya gifted to her by our Tory Burch Middle East team.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Abu Dhabi without stopping at the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. As the largest mosque in the country — big enough to accommodate more than 40,000 visitors — it is a key place of worship and one of the region’s most sensational landmarks. Named after the first president of the UAE, the incredible mosque was built to be a symbol of tolerance and respect — encouraging different cultures to visit and acquire a greater knowledge of Islam. 

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque’s message of peace, tolerance and diversity is also reflected in its architecture, which combines different elements of Islamic culture. The inside of the domes feature traditional Moroccan artwork, the minarets include design elements from different eras — Mameluke, Ottoman, Fatimid — and the columns flanking the mosque were inspired by the date palm, an important tree throughout Arabia. Not to mention the white marble walls, colorful stones arranged in the shape of flowers and incredible crystal chandeliers… It is impossible not to feel inspired when exploring the space.