Our Lunar New Year packets take their cues from the Fleming collection.

Lunar New Year, which kicks off this Saturday, rings in the year of the rat—the first animal in the Chinese zodiac calendar, known for its outgoing and cheerful nature. Celebrations in countries around the globe including China, South Korea, and Vietnam will involve feasts, parades, and countless tiny red packets. The beautiful packets are traditionally stuffed with money and then handed to children, employees and friends as a symbol of good luck. Most often they’re red, a color that symbolizes energy and happiness, and they’re occasionally decorated with popular cartoon characters. Our version incorporates design notes from the quilted Tory Burch Fleming collection.

There are numerous origin stories for the red packets. According to one, the tradition began as a way to keep children safe from the demon Sui, who preyed on sleeping children on New Years Eve. Parents gave their loved ones eight coins to play with, and when the children had fallen asleep and Sui entered their rooms, the coins emitted a light that scared the demon away.  The envelopes were introduced as a way to honor the legend, and bills are now more common than coins.